Soy Georgia

In 2019, we launched our voter outreach campaign, dubbed “SOY GEORGIA.The 2020 elections are of great importance at the national and local levels for the immigration community. It is projected that the Latino community will be the largest minority in the U.S. It is important to show that we have power and will fight for change. Please check out the “Soy Georgia” page for more information about how you can get involved in our electoral work.

Building off of GLAHR’s 2018 “GA Decide,” GLAHR’s first Get Out The Vote campaign focused on getting out the Latinx vote to increase civic participation in rural communities throughout Middle and South Georgia. We saw an increase in percentages of 300% to 500% during the local elections of 2018 in areas where we canvassed and door-knocked, areas in which many people had never been outreached to before. The increased voter turnout throughout rural Georgia  and metro-Atlanta signals the massive change in the participation of the Latino community in the electoral system. “GA Decide” was a step in getting rid of the perception that our community members are not interested in voting. We wanted to show our community that through voting we can change the state of Georgia. 

Soy Georgia Objectives

◂To promote the importance of diversifying the movement to respect the rights  and dignity of the Latino community.

◂To increase the political power of the Latino Community.

◂To strengthen the culture of voting in immigrant communities.

◂To inform about the correct processes when registering and when exercising the vote in the urns.

◂Train members that are interested in contributing to the promotion of the civic participation of the Latino community.

◂The Latino community as a political power in the election of local candidates who are willing to include our interests in their agendas as public elected officials.