ICE Free Zone

In 2016, GLAHR launched “ICE FREE ZONE,” a campaign to create a culture of resistance in local communities to respond to ICE presence in our homes and neighborhoods.

Throughout the years, GLAHR has been informing the community about their constitutional rights and educated communities on the new tactics and technology utilized by ICE and the local police.

ICE Free Zone takes such efforts further by training members of a community to create local response plans to best protect each other. GLAHR offers different training, workshops, and technical support, to increase community leadership.

Since we’ve started, we have distributed approximately 30,000 flyers through hand-to-hand, visiting and by placing posters in dozens of businesses frequented by the Latino community. We spread our efforts across the state of Georgia, in communities as far as Savannah and Tifton, through collaboration with members and organizations from the areas.

Our Objectives:

  1. Instruct and empower the Latino Community by informing about our constitutional rights to know how to protect yourself and how to protect your family, your home, and your neighborhood;
  2. Provide printed materials to broadcast inside and outside our homes as well as in businesses and immigrant-friendly locations;
  3. Provide a helpline to report ICE activities and information to the community regarding court processes and immigration proceedings;
  4. Respond to communities’ concerns and the needs in their specific neighborhoods so that it is the community itself creates its own resolutions and action plans;
  5. Organize and mobilize community members to move the state of Georgia into an “ICE Free Zone.”

ICE Chasers

In June of 2019, President Donald Trump announced that he would begin carrying out massive ICE raids throughout ten major cities, including our home: Atlanta, Georgia and the metro area. In response, the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) created a rapid response team to document ICE arrests and abuses and to inform the immigrant community about their constitutional rights. In our ICE watch program, we distributed information and educated the community about their legal rights in the event of ICE raids and the collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE.

‘ICE Chasers’, a rapid response team made up of 80 volunteers from around the metro area, keeping an eye out for any ICE activity. ICE Chasers were sent to neighborhoods with high-number of Latinx on the weekend during the month of July, when mass raids were reported to take place. We continued to reach people in the community every weekend by responding to calls of suspected ICE activities and we canvassed neighborhoods with know-your-rights materials. By October of 2019, we reached 2,155 people across 12 cities and returned to these areas about 28 times. At the moment, ICE Chasers remain on stand-by and we are more than ready to come to the aid of our community in the events of ICE raids.



Expanding Sanctuary

“Sanctuary” refers to local policies that recommits to constitutional protections for the immigrant community, regarding when local law enforcement can communicate with federal immigration agents. GLAHR is committed to expanding sanctuaries by educating our local police and county sheriffs to uphold individuals’ constitutional rights. We have demanded  changes in policies to decrease over policing areas where Latinos and other minority groups reside. We accompanied community members to meet with Sheriffs’ Offices to speak first-hand about the impact local law enforcement’s collaboration with ICE has on the community. 

As a result of these efforts, former Dekalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann agreed to have no collaboration with ICE and adopt a non-detainer policy. Furthermore, in coalition with other organizations GLAHR has worked with localities to enforce non-detainers policies and has been able to change policies in various cities.

If you want to know more about our expanding sanctuary victories gives us a call at 770-457-5232 or Click here.

For more information in expanding sanctuary please Click here.

End 287G

GLAHR started its campaign to end the 287(g) program when the program first began in Georgia in 2007. Under the 287(g) program, the Department of Homeland Security deputizes local law enforcement to carry out the work of ICE agents by arresting individuals suspected to be in violation of immigration laws. Such efforts wastes local resources and endangers the public. The 287(g)program is one of the most significant ways community members end up in ICE custody for minor infractions if any at all. These agreements allow local law enforcement to act as immigration agents and grants them certain powers that include: 

  1. Investigating the immigration status of people at the jail
  2. Access to ICE databases 
  3. Issuing ICE detainers and hold individuals after the time they’re eligible for release
  4. Places individuals in removal proceedings

In the state of Georgia there are currently 287(g) programs in five counties: Cobb, Floyd, Gwinnett County, Hall, and Whitfield, including the Georgia Department of Corrections.  Bartow County was also participating in the program until this year when it decided to cancel the program because of lack of funds. GLAHR has advocated before the Boards of Commissioners of Cobb and Gwinnett Counties at meetings and demand the Commissioners end the 287(g) program. We continue educating the general public about the detrimental impact the program has on our family and communities.

For more information on the 287g program, click here for information from Project South.

Georgia Non-Detainer Policies, Click here


The NotTechforICE campaign has its roots focused on dismantling the big machine that is helping ICE to increase arrest, detentions, and deportations  know as being technology companies. The major technology companies targeted for this campaign is Amazon and Palantir. Through intense research conducted by Mijente,a national pro-latinx organization, and other organizations  it was found that Amazon’s servers host Palantir, the company that provides ICE with “mission-critical services,” such as its case management software and cloud services. Through this campaign we are pressuring Amazon to drop its contract with Palantir. However, we discovered that there are other companies doing this type of work but Amazon occupies the biggest role. Amazon and Palantir  through intense lobbying of policy maker and law enforcement has become the backbone for the federal government’s immigration and law enforcement dragnet. NoTechforICE is mobilizing communities impacted, together with students, tech workers, and allies to fight back and build a movement for a surveillance-free future. GLAHR as a co-founder of Mijente has join the campaign and mobilized with students at Georgia Tech from YDSA to raise awareness and fight to end the cooperation of Palantir and Amazon with ICE.

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