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Fair Use and Content Disclaimer

Fair use is the copyright regulation that allows the limited use of copyrighted materials without acquiring permission from the right holders for comment and educational purposes. Views, articles and images on this site may contain copyrighted material which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

Fair Use on Images, Links and Logos

We believe that the use of some photos and logos on this web site constitutes ‘fair use’ as stated in the copyright law. Some of the images found in the web site may be thumbnails or redirect to other websites of a photo of an organization protected by copyright possibly owned by a company of an entity that produced it. GLAHR claims no credit for the images posted on this site unless otherwise noted.

The use of the limited images of web resolution screenshots plainly for identification and visual association qualifies for fair use under International Copyright Laws. The images or logo is to assist the reader determine the organization so they might reach the web site associated with the organization by clicking on it to better convey the message.

The use of images in the web site does not signify endorsement of the organization by GLAHR. They are not directed toward commercial advantage of private monetary compensation as GLAHR is a non profit organization and use of the website is for educational purposes among others. 

You may check the individual copyright material by following the link to the web site of the organization for more information.

Content Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in the media, articles or comments on this site are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the view and opinions of the management. 

The editorial staff of GLAHR oversees and governs the site based on our editorial policy but should not be liable for all of the information found on this web site.

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