Glahriadorxs Meeting

The Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) has weekly community meetings every Monday at 6:30 pm at GLAHR’s office. We believe that an informed community is an organized community. Our members engage in discussions and political education about issues that affect and impact our community from draconian anti-immigration policies and laws, community self-defense, strategies to fight against injustice, and raising political consciousness. 

In addition, GLAHR collaborates with local, state, and national community, and governmental partners to provide training for our members, from civic engagement, the census, labor rights, and different services available to our community. Community meetings are also broadcast through our Facebook to members from our 19 Comites Populares across Georgia.

GLAHR Jovenes

Our community meetings also serve as an intergenerational space and the building ground for the new generation of activists to thrive and learn from the political experience of our GLAHR adults.  At the same time that we host our weekly community meetings, GLAHR Jovenes (ages 13-18) meet. GLAHR Jovenes prepares youth to use their voice, organize and directly impact their communities by working to dismantle oppression, institutional and systemic racism; and transform their communities.

GLAHR Jovenes receive training in public speaking, leadership and community organizing strategies, mental health and wellness, political education, academic support, civic engagement, culture and the arts, community building, and advocacy all while serving and partnering with GLAHR adults and serving as agents of change. We believe that connecting bridges among generations is key to keep the movement alive and make it even stronger.

 Follow GLAHR Jovenes on Instagram at @glahrjovenes.

Our community meetings take place at GLAHR’s office at 7 Dunwoody Park Suite 110, Atlanta, GA 30338 at 6:30 pm.