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We are a grassroots nonprofit organization created to help the immigrant community!
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Founded nearly 18 years ago, the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) is a non-profit, commu-nity based organization that educates, organizes, and empower Latino immigrants across Georgia to defend and advance their civil and human rights.

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) Reacts to Events in Ferguson: Ferguson Protests as Part of Broader Campaign for Racial Justice and Human Dignity 

In Missouri, on November 24, a grand jury decided not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown. In Ferguson and cities across the country, the decision has provoked deep-seated anger and sparked protests in the streets over years of police brutality and abuse against African Americans. More than simply about the killing of Michael Brown, the rage and protests are born from the police violence, the racial discrimination, and the failure of the legal system to offer justice and relief that African Americans and communities of color have confronted for decades in the United States.

While we recognize the specific frustrations of the African American community in Ferguson, the fatal shooting of Michael Brown is part of a broader trend of police brutality and institutionalized racism that affects people of color across the country. Alongside African Americans, Latino communities face racial profiling, police violence and abuse, and disproportionately high rates of incarceration. Although President Obama’s recent executive order offered a measure of relief to a number of Latino immigrants, many members of our community still face forms of state-inflicted violence and mistreatment: raids by immigration agents, detentions, and deportations. 

Our community’s struggle for social justice and human integrity transcends the boundaries of race. We are united with African Americans in the fight against police violence and mass incarceration. By demanding for protections against racial profiling, measures that ensure equal justice, and policies that promote economic opportunities, our campaigns for racial justice and human dignity have the potential to benefit all communities of color. 

Civil disobedience and protests are the tools of the oppressed, especially when the traditional mechanisms of democracy fail, as the events in Ferguson remind us. We must continue to organize and engage in acts of civil disobedience and protests in order to achieve racial equality and justice.




On November 21, GLAHR activists, many ineligible for deportation relief under the President’s executive actions, orchestrated a protest in front of Atlanta’s Detention Center, located downtown on Spring Street. Demonstrators used drums and bullhorns, and carried signs reading “Thanks to those who fight.”


On November 21, President Barack Obama announced executive actions providing deportation relief and three-year work permits to undocumented immigrants who have lived in the United States for at least 5 years and have U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident children. While GLAHR community members welcome the announcement, the majority of members find themselves ineligible for relief and will continue to campaign for relief for the entire community. GLAHR issued the following press release in response to the President’s announcement.


Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) Sees Results in President’s Immigration Announcement, Vows to See it Implemented and Expanded

Executive Action Announcement Responds to Grassroots Pressure, Fight for The Excluded Continues

The Obama administration has issued an executive order that will provide administrative relief to many immigrants in the United States. This new policy is an important victory for our community’s undocumented immigrants and their families who have demanded that President Obama halt unjust deportations, end programs that criminalize immigrants, and expand the deferred action program created for immigrant youths in 2012. By collectively raising our voices against inhumane immigration practices, our community has shown the power of mobilizing to demand for the right to live, work, and support our loved ones without fear of deportation.

Our community has waited long enough for administrative relief, and we urge the Obama administration to implement this decision without any further delay.

While President Obama’s executive order is a significant victory, our struggle for a humane, long-term solution to this country’s broken immigration system will continue. We will continue to demand for an end to local law enforcement’s involvement in federal deportation efforts. And we will continue to fight for all of our community members who will not receive relief from the president’s executive order.

These excluded members include many LGBTQ immigrants, childless immigrants, recently arrived immigrants, and immigrants who have had brief brushes with the criminal justice system. We will continue our struggle until our entire community achieves full recognition and equality.

On Friday, November 21 at 12 pm, we will gather at the Atlanta Detention Center, and at 6 pm our community will organize at Plaza Fiesta, not only to celebrate the President’s announcement, but also to continue to advocate for all of our community members who continue to be excluded. 

Members of the Georgia #Not1More coalition today announced the latest victory in their efforts to end unconstitutional detention per ICE detainer requests in Georgia. DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey L. Mann has announced that, effective immediately, he will end submission to federal detainer requests, a centerpiece of the failed Secure Communities deportation quota program, without a warrant or other sufficient probable cause.




Edelina Burciaga and Gabriel Pino. Grant Interns Fall 2014

GLAHR internships often offer direct exposure to the workings of an grassrots and community organization, close supervision by the GLAHR staff, interaction with other state and national organizations, domestic government officials, and opportunities to attend trainings, and special events relating to Immigrants, the Latino community and Human Rights. Receive letter of recommendation from GLAHR after successful completion of internship. Internship could be available for credit based on your institution's guidelines.


Internship descriptions vary but may include desk research, drafting documents, assisting with event planning, liaising with current and prospective donors, and engaging in advocacy efforts. Internships are generally unpaid. Candidates may apply for the positions listed below based on eligibility and interest in the work. More information below about each of our opportunities and how to apply.


Fundraising Internship 

Media and Communications Internship

Grant Writing Internship

Administrative Office Internship


Cuando usted dona directamente a GLAHR, usted puede estar seguro o segura que su donación se destinará a apoyar las comunidades inmigrantes y sus DERECHOS.

Nuestro trabajo hacia adelante es claro!  Continuaremos nuestra lucha hasta hasta que toda nuestra comunidad logre pleno reconocimiento e igualdad. Continuaremos exigiendo que se ponga fin a la participación de la policia local en los esfuerzos federales de deportación. Tambien nosotros continuaremos luchando por todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad que no son acogidos dentro de la orden ejecutiva del presidente. 


Estamos buscando fortalecer nuestra base de apoyo para asi lograr que nuestra visión sea una realidad. Necesitamos de su ayuda! 

Con su suscripción mensual de $ 10/25 usted nos estará ayudando para llegar a nuestro objetivo de 30 nuevos suscriptores mensuales.


Gracias por su donación










Como parte de nuestro trabajo con la comunidad, GLAHR  esta ayudando a la comunidad con aplicaciones para el DACA y renovación del DACA. Si tienes preguntas por favor llamanos al 770-457-5232.

daca esp Source: US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Nota Importante: Tanto como la extención del DACA como el DAPA no están disponibles en el momento. Pero puedes empezar ha recoger sus documentos necesarios para cuando las aplicaciones esten disponibles. Por favor llámanos si tienes alguna pregunta al 770-457-5232 o haz clic aqui.

Si deseas realizar una cita para lel DACA y su renovación, haz click en el siguiente botón

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